Smile, Film

This film was made for DanceMoves, a Cambridge-based organisation run by Filipa Pereira-Stubbs and committed to extending the life-affirming and therapeutic benefits of dance to healthcare and community settings. I worked closely with Filipa on the concept for this film and it shows dancers gathered at the Junction Theatre in Cambridge. The film was commissioned as a piece of art in its own right in addition to promoting the group.

Memory Notes

A film made for Memory Notes, a community of singers affected by dementia. Making this was a four week process, with the first week devoted to getting to know the participants, the second to portrait photography, and the final two weeks to filming. This allowed time for people to open up to me and the film became as much about carers of those with dementia as about those suffering from it themselves. The music was performed by a father and daughter duo who were involved in the group.

Jimmy’s Volunteers

Jimmy’s Cambridge, a night shelter supporting the homeless community, commissioned me to make this film of their volunteers as part of a convention hosted to celebrate twenty years of volunteering.

451 Film

As part of the Jimmy’s Cambridge project, I was also asked to film at a house called 451, which is a Controlled Drinker’s Service supported by Jimmy’s. This was a particularly challenging project as encouraging the guests to open up to me was difficult. Although they wanted to tell their stories, helping them to do so involved developing a high level of trust built over a month. This film includes original music composed by me and was made in collaboration with artist, Hilary Cox-Condron, who conducted the interviews.

HeadWay North West London

A film made for Headway North West London, a charity supporting those affected by brain injury. This was a one month project with a very open brief that was particularly interactive from beginning to end. I started by passing the mic around the group to get them talking. After the participants got to know me and I’d done portraits of them, I gave one person a camera for a week and combined her photographs with the film. We did several complex edits and this is a promotional film for the 45 minute version that was shown on a cinema screen when it was finished.

Cambridge Community Arts

This is one of several films made for Cambridge Community Arts over the past three years.

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